Florida State’s leading tackler last season, Christian Jones tends to make plays due to his quickness and speed. Yet, despite these attributes, Jones does not have the best instincts on the field, often making plays because he is able to recover well. He is also essentially a non-factor as a pass rusher, totaling six sacks in his collegiate career.

Jones is a tackling machine who can remain on the field for all three downs. His quickness and speed allow him to track down opposing ball carriers, doing well to get off blocks. Jones is equally adept in pass coverage. For example, last season he spent time covering Sammy Watkins when Watkins went to the slot. Normally, that it would be a mismatch to have a linebacker covering a receiver as quick as Watkins, but Jones played well.

Right now, Jones is projected as a second round pick, with his lack of pass rushing ability being the biggest drawback. However, as a possible three down linebacker in the NFL who could cover tight ends and be able to stop the run, Jones may see his stock rise with an excellent showing at the Combine.