Jeremiah Attaochu started his college career as pass rushing linebacker, where he had success, finishing with ten sacks and nineteen tackles for a loss last year. This season, he has converted to a defensive end, where he has not displayed the same ability to get into the backfield and make plays. Thus far, Attaochu has only ten tackles total and a sack in four games.

A fiery player whose intensity can get the best of him, Attaochu is at his best when he plays with a controlled rage. However, he can get provoked into taking bad penalties. His aggressiveness can also be used against him, as he has issues in coverage and a tendency to be fooled on play action. His quickness and ability to track down running backs may lend itself to Attaochu playing the part of a pass rushing linebacker, someone who comes on the field in passing situations to attempt to wreak havoc in the backfield.

Currently projected as someone that could end up in the third round, Attaochu is the type of player that may shoot up the board come draft day. With his quickness and measurables, a strong performance at the Combine could set attach up to rise into the late second round. However, his NFL future is likely not as a defensive lineman, given his struggles to be much of a factor there this year.