Boyd appeared on the prospect scene following an impressive sophomore season, but truly exploded into the football world with his excellent junior year. After throwing for thirty six touchdowns and 3896 yards while providing another ten touchdowns on the ground, Boyd entered this season as one of the top quarterbacks that would be eligible for the 2014 Draft. This season, he has certainly done nothing to affect his stock adversely, producing another solid season as he and Teddy Bridgewater are generally debated as the players most likely to go first overall.

A mobile quarterback with a strong arm, Boyd also displays solid touch, and has an innate ability to make plays on the move. He has also proven to be capable of absorbing hits either inside or outside the pocket, and still make accurate throws. The biggest knock on Boyd is that he is a bit undersized at 6’1, yet with the emergence of Russell Wilson, his lack of prototypical height may not be the drawback that it had been in the past. Boyd also throws with a bit of a windup, but that is mitigated by how quickly he releases the ball, and may be easily correctable.

Expected to be one of the top picks in the upcoming draft, Boyd has continued to progress, and barring the unexpected, should remain in that range of the draft. Most mock drafts currently have Boyd goes in the top ten, which may be a fair assessment.