This year the NFL draft had some great talent at the wide receivers position. The Bills and Bucs were lucky to be able to add a top wide receiver to roster and both expect them to have an instant impact on the field. I am going to breakdown what the top two bring to each team.

Sammy Watkins drafted by the Buffalo Bills out of Clemson with the 4th pick in the draft.  After seeing Watkins in workouts during the off season he is looking to have a huge impact and is already putting together a highlight real with great catches before the seasons even begins.

This was an excellent pick since they have a young quarterback in EJ Manuel, getting him a wide receiver he can trust to make the play and they can grow on the field together. Watkins is a speedster and he can use that to get off the line and behind the defense.


He also as great hands and you rarely see him miss catchable passes. You can get him the ball on a short play and he has the potential to turn that into a long gain each time he touches the ball. He does need to work on his route running as most young receivers do, and he can learn to work in the middle of the field just a little bit more. The one knock you hear about him is the offense ran at Clemson was labeled a “gimmick” offense so a lot of his big plays came from that. Did I mention he also returns kicks?? But don’t look to see him on special teams much, the bills are not going to want him getting hurt or taking any extra risk.

Mike Evans, wide receiver from Texas A&M was drafted by Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the 7th pick in this year’s draft.

Evans is a big wide receiver at 6-5 and can go get the ball over smaller defenders with his leaping ability. With his size he is hard to jam at the line and he can be used a lot in the red zone. In college he mastered the back shoulder catches and made them look easy. Great after the catch and is very hard to bring down, he always fight for extra yardage.

A big weakness with Evans is his speed. He isn’t the fastest receiver and does not separate from defenders that well, that will be a problem in the NFL where they are that much faster that the college defensive back. He can also use work on route running. Overall he will be a big addition for the Buccaneers and will be great at moving the chains and keeping the drives going.  

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