This weekend more than 35 top rookies from the 2014 NFL Draft class will come together in Los Angeles May 29-31 to learn the business of football at the 20th annual .NFLPA’s Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles. The first step and most important weekend the NFL rookie’s career is here! No not draft weekend or opening weekend but PREMIERE weekend. 

This is a three day weekend where some of the top rookies from their draft class attend a seminar that will teach them the business side of football. Some of the things they will learn are financial planning, building their brand, social media practices and staying out of trouble.

I personally think this should be mandatory for all rookies before they can take the practice field for the first time.

There is so much more to learn than just the playbook. So many players do not know what to do when they are done playing football and they have the rest of their lives to live. The weekend is run by former players and coaches a long with some of the top companies out there-Nike, E A Sports, to name a few

Financial planning is the most important thing they will learn. They will be making a loads of money at a very young age and need to learn the tools to make it last. In the past a ton of successful athletes found themselves broke as soon as they are done playing and have nothing to fall back on. 

This comes from not being put on a budget, spending it before it comes in, having the wrong people in your corner, not paying taxes and just making bad money decisions in general.  Most players will be done playing by the time they are in their mid 30’(could be a lot sooner with serious injury) and then what? This is where the rookie premiere comes in to help. The financial planning will help you manage your money so you will be well taken care of.

The brand building helps you with possible endorsements during and after your career is over. The way you carry yourself can go along way and a lot of people do not get that. Getting in trouble off the file can mean loss of money with future contracts and an early end to your career if this is a constant issue. At the end of the day playing in the NFL is your job and you must carry yourself in a respectable manor at all times. You not only represent the NFL but also yourself. You are now under the microscope and have a target on your back.

The brand building also leads into the social media behavior. A lot of players can get in trouble by not being careful of what they say on social media.

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