There are certain schools which have traditionally been powerhouses in college football that NFL teams like to utilize to make up their roster. During the 1990s, the Dallas Cowboys went to the well multiple times using both the University of Miami and the University of Florida. Now, the New England Patriots have found a new breeding ground for players, this one in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Patriots currently have seven former players from the Rutgers Scarlet Knights on their roster, and recently signed wide receiver Mark Harrison, an undrafted free agent.


Harrison made news during the scouting combine for allegedly trashing a hotel room with former teammate and Houston Texans first round pick, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Both men have denied any wrongdoing regarding the incident, but it is hard to ignore the fact that fecal matter was found throughout the room.


Patriots head coach Bill Belichick trusts scouting reports that come out of the Rutgers program, since his son Steve served as an assistant coach at Rutgers for a few years.


In other Patriots news, the team announced the signing of former Notre Dame Fighting Irish kicker David Ruffer, who started his collegiate career at William & Mary. Ruffer was inconsistent during his last days in college, missing 11 of 21 field goal attempts.