To recognize the top rookie receiver of the NFL season at this point let's begin with looking at the performances of a few.  

There are a number of solid rookie receivers out there that are deserving of this title, : Kenny Stills, Terrance Williams, Cordarrelle Patterson, Keenan Allen, Marlon Brown and Tavon Austin.

A couple of rookie wide receivers may have not produced much on offense, but they have excelled on special teams, including Patterson who has totaled 845 yards returning this season, but has only one receiving touchdown.

In terms of receiving touchdowns Williams and Brown lead the group with five.

The leading receiver of the group with a total of 568 yards is Allen. Allen is also leading all rookie wide receivers in receptions, yards per game, and first down conversions as well. All have shown promise and expect these players to finish the season strong, and produce for years to come.

Austin’s rookie season may have come with a slow start, but it looks like he finally arrived. Last Sunday against the Colts was his breakout party.  He had two receptions for 138 yards combined and two touchdowns.

Now the question still up in the air on who the top rookie wide receiver is but in the next couple weeks everyone will know. 

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