Teddy Bridgewater seems to think so, the rookie quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings has found a new way to learn the NFL playbook.

Yes, playing Madden, is awesome idea and a new game changer. Bridgewater was able to import his team’s playbook to the game and this allows his to take snaps on the game with his plays vs. other teams defense and see himself in actual game like situations.

This was a technique that he used in college also, and with him being drafted in the NFL can we knock his method? Using the game that we all love and save our sick days at work when the new edition comes out makes learning fun and more enjoyable.

Now this is not the only method he uses and still does the conventional old school methods. If he has a successful NFL career can we see a new form of learning and actually required by NFL teams?

Times change often and things that you would not have thought about before are the new “it” thing now. Teams will never have to worry about a player not taking it serious and they will put in more than enough study hours. I mean who doesn’t love to play madden? Is Teddy changing the why we look at Madden? Before we know will see if it all plays a part in his strategies of learning the playbook.

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