Tebowmania, lands in "The Big Apple", that's right you heard all over sports world, Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets. The Denver Broncos sent him packing including a seventh-round pick in the upcoming draft to the Jets for their fourth- and sixth-round picks, after selecting Tebow in first round of the 2010 NFL draft.

Broncos seemed to find instant gratification with the recent signing of future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning, opening the door for the trade to happen.

Tebow's decision to come to New York over Jacksonville was in large part because he "invisions a clear path" to the starting quarterback job. Possibly in part that Jets quaterback Mark Sanchez had one of the lowest passing ratings in the league last year. 

The value of this trade actually comes at a price to the Broncos. The value of this trade is only about 12 percent of where the Broncos actually selected him in the NFL draft in 2010 as the 25th overall pick. The trade value with him and the seventh round pick is actually equivalent to the eighth pick in the fourth round or 104 overall selection, pretty much where some people had Tebow going in the draft anyway.

Tebow is in New York, to help the offensive unit of the Jets. But will he? Tebow, is an angel walking into a circus. He brings an unorthodox quarterback style that might not mesh well with Jets head coach Rex Ryan current offense, but it all remains a mystery for now.

Tebow has the ability to find a way to win at all cost. In his first two seasons with the Broncos in the NFL he kept defenses on their feet. He may not have greatest tact for passing the ball, but he knows how to motivate his team to win. He manages to avoid getting sacked or turning the ball over and somehow he does everything he can to score. The greatness of his game is his feet, he knows how to run and avoid tackles well.

Fans enjoy watching Tebow because he is an innovator of the game and instills unconventional maneuvers most defenses are unprepared for in the NFL, giving his team the advantage.

Either way, the trade provides the Jets with another option behind Sanchez. Tebowmania, has now entered Manhattan take off your hats and glasses and buckle up your about to experience a wild ride. 

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