The Seattle Seahawks are World Champions.  Did anyone see this coming?  Of course.  There was a multitude of experts, fans and former players that saw this coming.  The Seattle Seahawks dominated Super Bowl XLVIII by a score of 43 – 8.  Did anyone see this coming? 

No one would have claimed that outcome of the total score of this game publicly before it all started. 

Seattle was  undeniable dominate and showed to the world they are the Super Bowl Champions .  Their performance at Super Bowl XLVIII was one of kind, if not the single most dominant performance’s in a Super Bowl ever. 

The Seahawks supremacy has been present all year.  Seattle made it clear this year they are unquestionably the best team in the league.  They made the most prolific offense in the history of the league look like an overgrown Pop Warner team.   There is no disrespect for what the Broncos accomplished this year.  There is only respect for what the Seahawks accomplished this year. 

Was the win just the defense?

If you take away the points scored by the offense, the Seahawks still would have won.  The defense alone scored nine points, which is more than the entire Broncos team can say.  Now, you add on the special teams and Percy Harvin’s backbreaking run back to start the second half, you have a respectable 16 – 8 win.  We are not done yet.  The offense said, “Do not forget about us!”  The offense put up 27 on the best overall defense during the playoffs.  The Seahawks put together one of the most well rounded, team victories in Super Bowl history. 

How much of a team effort was it? 

Five different Seahawks player’s scored a touchdown.  They had four rushers over 25 yards, and no one over 45 yards rushing. Four of their defenders took the ball away from the Denver offense by either interception or fumble recovery.  Seattle’s defense had three players with 10 total tackles and five players with five or more solo tackles.  They even split the kick returns evenly between Percy Harvin and Golden Tate.

How Dominant was Seattle?

For the entire 2013-14 season the Hawks were 16 – 3.  During the regular season Seattle was tied for the best record in the NFL with the Denver Broncos with 13 wins and three losses.  This was impressive due to the strong division the Seahawks play in.  The NFC West is one of the top divisions in the NFL. 

Led by the Champs,  follow a playoff team of their own right the San Francisco 49ers; who the Seahawks beat twice this year.  The Arizona Cardinals also play their football in the NFC West and cemented their credibility when they traveled up to Seattle and beat the Seahawks at home, which had not happened since Christmas Eve 2011.  The Seahawks three losses this year were by a combined 15 points.  They never lost by more than one score.  In their 13 wins, they had six by 21 points or more. 

Do Seahawks have a place as an all time great team?

For a single season, it’s hard not to put the 2013 Seattle Seahawks within the top five teams from the first kick off through the 0:00 mark of the Super Bowl. 

Not setting any records, they did leave no debate to who was the best team this year.  That alone puts them in the top ten.  When you take into consideration how much of an offensive and a pass happy league the NFL has become, they really shined. 

Their offense was balanced an unbeatable team in both  rush  or pass defense.  If this defense played by the rules from the 1980s and 1990s, they would have records that might not ever be broken.  As it stands now, they have left the door open for a dynasty to begin.  The history of Seahawks is in the making and amazing to watch for all football fans 

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