49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has signed a six-year extension deal worth up to $126 million and $61 million guaranteed. His guarantee is the highest in NFL history. Is he worth that much money? Will he ever reach his full potential now that he already has the mega contract? This contract also makes him the highest paid player in the NFL for the 2014 season with him making $21 million. He has the opportunity to make more money than the elite quarterbacks of the NFL Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees who all have a Super Bowl title on their impressive resume.

This contract was made possible by the contracts of Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, and Tony Romo who are all making around $18 million a year and they also do not have super bowl rings. Do not get me wrong he is a great young talent in the NFL but has not shown up in the big games when the lights are the brightest and he also has the benefit of having one of the best defenses in the NFL.


He also does not read defenses that well or go through all of his reads with his receivers. He ranked 20th in the NFL last year in passing yards, 17th in passing TD’s,  while the 49ers ranked 30th in total team passing yards only beating out the Jets and Tampa Bay. He also has five interceptions in his short playoff career of only 6 games. He is not at his best when playing top defenses in the NFL including defending NFL champion and division rival Seattle throwing six interception in only three games last year including the post season in Seattle.

How will this signing affect the 49ers in the future with other future free agents they will have including Aldon Smith and Michael Crabtree and also Vernon Davis who is missing OTA’s because he is not happy with his current deal??

Only time will time how this gamble by the 49ers will play out. They see something in him that the world is waiting to see, only thing is when or if we will ever will??

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