Keep in mind that knee-jerk reactions from a seat in the bleachers hardly counts as high-grade scouting, okay?

But here are the few things I noticed:

Ryan Mathews and Donald Brown running strong. We should see a lot of both this year.

Third string quarterback Brad Sorenson was off with just about every deep pass. Clemens had a below-average day too.

Ryan Mathews and Kavell Connor scuffled a bit, but it was over almost as soon as it began. Tempers were under control today.

Good to see Malcolm Floyd out there again. He looked a little rusty, but you can still see how naturally he uses his height advantage against tiny D-backs. He dropped a few on the day, but he's forgiven.

UDFA RB Branden Oliver from Buffalo stands all of 5'6"... So of course they gave him Darren Sproles' old number 43. Oliver has a little bit of that razzle-dazzle in his step too.

Danny Woodhead appears to fit in DJ Fluker's butt crack perfectly (though I don't think that was the team's plan when they signed him).

1st round rookie CB Jason Verrett was in a red jersey today, so I didn't get to see him at regular speed, which is a bit disappointing.

UDFA CB Chris Davis from Auburn (the guy who killed Alabama) drew an early penalty for keeping his hands on the receivers, but he corrected his behavior and ended up making a couple of nice plays.

UDFA WR from Oregon State, Micah Hatfield, made a huge catch on a comeback. NFL play to keep a drive going. 

There wasn't a sign of Antonio Gates all day, but the tight ends looked amazing without him. Ladarius Green is just so damn smooth. He caught a Rivers pass in traffic he had no business catching (or seeing!). He didn't flinch or lose stride. It was like he was out back playing catch with Pops.

And TE John Phillips looked good in red zone drills, catching at least 2 scores. He was Clemens' safety valve for sure.

The PA announcer called Keenan Allen the "two-time Rookie of the Year." I hope he was just kidding. 

An O-lineman who caught my eye was #70 Jeremiah Sirles, UDFA from Nebraska. I saw him on maybe five plays, and he was winning battles the whole time. Unfortunately, they've also got a defender dressing as #70 too, which is never a good sign for either guy. But if I spotted Sirles today, here's to hoping the Chargers coaches did too.

Seyi Ajirotitu caught a floater, kept stride nicely. That guy fights for contested balls all the time. I wish he'd stick with a club for 16 games.

Whenever Woodhead gets an inside handoff, looks like a rat in a scientist's maze. He weaves around the waistline of defenders who don't even know he's down there. 

Eric Weddle made two big plays in a row: stuck Floyd for no YAC then a pick-six of Clemens.


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