While most coaches wish a player luck, and say they hope for the best when they cut him, the reality is they don't want to be proven wrong.  Secretly, they hope that guy walks out of their office and never touches a football field again, proving their genius correct in cutting him.  They certainly don't hope that he signs with a rival team and unseats a lock Hall of Famer and perennial pro-bowler, but hey-Rex Ryan has never done things like people expect him to.

As is well known to most fans of the sport, the New York Jets picked up Tebow last off-season as part of what was apparently a publicity stunt, given the fact no matter how many opportunities presented themselves, they never found a way to get him on the field and give him any kind of chance to prove himself.  When asked what Rex thought his rival Patriots and football mastermind Bill Belichick might do with the quarterback he never found a use for Rex replied with a smile "If they want to replace Brady with him, that's fine."

I'm not sure the way Bill uses Tebow will leave Rex smiling this season, as I believe the Patriots will do the things the Jets should have done with him, and that he'll find relative success here in New England.  If there's a place he can learn to be a quarterback it's here, from Josh McDaniels (the man who drafted him), Bill Belichick (the only other man in the league who wanted to), and Tom Brady, the best quarterback in the league and a man with no concerns about his job security.

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