Will the Raiders stay in Oakland or will they be returning to Los Angeles? Lately the question been asked a lot, especially with the Raiders requiring a new Stadium. The Bay area fans would hate to lose the team to Los Angeles again while the Southern California fans would open them back with open arms.

The Bay Area situation, the Oakland Coliseum the current stadium for the Raiders is very old and its built as a baseball stadium, the team shares the stadium with the Oakland A's. In fact the Raiders are currently the only NFL team that shares a stadium with a MLB team.

An issue that as come in to play in recent years is actually the lack of attendance. This maybe a result of their recent losing record the past decade. "The Raiders were last in the league in attendance last year, averaging about 46,430 fans per home game and selling out the approximately 63,000-seat stadium just once. Oakland had an extremely low season-ticket base as evidenced by the crowd of 32,218 for a game against Houston on Oct. 3, the smallest in Oakland since 1967." Fox  Sports 

The Oakland Raiders raider fans have no problems wearing the proud "Silver and Black"  but it doesn’t translate to the seats being filled and majority of the home games being blacked out.

Recently there was talk about the Raiders and San Francisco 49ers sharing the new stadium in Santa Clara. In fact the NFL commissionaire Roger Goodell suggested just this past week, when the stadium was unveiled. 

A tough decision for the Raiders execs and it goes way beyond their great former owner Al Davis beliefs, that is now in sons hands Marc Davis. Will Raider fans take the small extra drive to attend games? Can two teams exist together in one stadium as hated rivals to make it work? Right now the stadium is glittered with 49ers players and history in Red and Gold throughout the stadium really not what Raider Nation is all about. 

To some it may seem like a decent idea until a long term plans for the Raiders to have their own stadium come it to place. This opens up the question once again as to moving down south to the glamor and glitz of Los Angeles. 

The city of Los Angeles hasn’t housed an NFL franchise since the 1995 departure of the Los Angeles Raiders and Los Angeles Rams. Since then many fans have moved on in different directions but there always been a collection of Southern California Raiders fans waiting for their return and yes for them and other NFL fans it will be exciting to have NFL football team once again in their backyard.

Looking at it from the player’s point who would not want to be in Hollywood during the season? The stars in the entertainment industry love going to games so having football down that way the seats will never be empty.

If Los Angeles is in the running to get the Raiders they have some big time money people down there to help with funding for a new stadium including Magic Johnson and his people. So funding and money would not be an issue with the team being down there.

Also location works in the Los Angeles favor, with a possible stadium location being downtown Los Angeles close to the Staples center. At the end of the day it will come down to the only thing that matters “money”! Who has more to offer the team in the long run? Only time will tell and a decision should be made in the next year or so! More on the offseason moves on the Oakland Raiders as they approach training camp.

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