Is Raiders' quarterback Terrelle Pryor the next great starter for Oakland? Well he is the next young quarterback to beat out Matt Flynn for the starting job. He is the most talented quarterback on the field for the Raiders. In a league that has embraced the read option, he is the man for the job in Oakland. He was the last draft pick selected by owner Al Davis, in the third round in the 2011 supplemental draft from Ohio State, as Al died two months later. Many referred to the move as another mistake by Davis, but Pryor is ready to prove his critics wrong.


He is in his third season with the silver and black and ready to rescue them from all the suffering the past ten years. He has the confidence and strength and skills to do it and his former college coach, Jim Tressel believes he can deliver in the NFL. “go do what I know you can do” Tressel said

Since the Raiders had Rich Gannon under center and appeared in the Super Bowl, Oakland has continued to suffer, even with last few seasons with Carson Palmer at the helm.

In the past decade the Raiders have stayed dead last in the league in pass touchdowns, not a statistic to get excited about by any means.

Can Pryor fix it? He will be starting on opening day this season.

Has he matured enough under Allen to lead the Raiders to the post season once again? This all remains to be seen, but everyone will be watching

His critics say he is a poor passer that will struggle, but on the other hand he gives the Raiders their best chance to move the ball.

Matt Flynn was hanging on a thin string going into preseason, as he was in serious danger of losing his presumptive staring job for the second year in a row, this time with Pryor. Go figure it happened.

Last year Flynn was in a similar position as he lost the starting job to Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.

Looks like Flynn’s fate for the next journeyman quarterback of the NFL is just beginning and another losing investment by the Raiders is made, go figure. If he loses the job to Pryor, he will always be known as the guy who lost a starting job two years in a row.

It certainly wasn’t a walk in the park in the last preseason game for Pryor, but he did convince the Raiders coaching staff enough to become the starter for the Raiders this season and now he will have to prove it to everyone as he steps into the ring against the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday. 

Pryor is loved by Raider Nation already. Is the NFL ready for him?  Pryor knows he’s ready.

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