Edited by Oren Shiri

1.   Broncos (2-0): Denver beat the last two defending Superbowl champions in convincing fashion, but this week the team lost their All-Pro left tackle Ryan Clady  for the season this may become an issue.  

2.    Seahawks (2-0): Two big wins at home is no surprise to the team with the 12th man, now can they perform on the road?

3.    Saints (2-0): Having head coach Sean Payton back really makes a huge difference. Go figure you do need a good coach in the NFL to be on top.  

4.   Texans (2-0): No issues here when the franchise quarterback Matt Schabb may just have the best tandem wide receivers in the league DeAndre Hopkins is the perfect compliment to Andre Johnson.

5.   Bears (2-0): Chicago has quietly put together a solid football team from top to bottom with a new coach at their command.

6.   Patriots (2-0): The mixer of Brady and Bellichick is a thing of the past as it was put on display the past two games since the New England team can very easily could be 0-2. But nonetheless they were able to pull off the victories and  in the near future the Pats will receive more great weapons for Brady receivers Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski.

7.    49ers (2-0): Losing badly on Sunday night certainly was not pretty to their chief rival. But knowing who runs the show in San Francisco they will not fall behind.

8.    Packers (2-0): Aaron Rodgers is the captain of this ship and it’s not sinking that’s for sure.

9.    Falcons (1-1):  Plagued with injuries early in the season and it's starting to become a serious factor for the team. Otherwise still a top tenpowerhouse.

10. Bengals (1-1): Another team with young driven talent across the  board . The Bengals are looking ahead at a third straight playoff appearance with the plans to go deeper.

11. Dolphins (2-0): With the first team on the road they have proven they are a tough unit to beat, but let's see if they can move ahead with their young quarterback Tannehill as he tries to move this franchise back in the limelight . 


 12. Ravens (1-1): It’s a new season and the city Baltimore recognizes it's not the same team as the  Super Bowl champions last year.  Their beloveddefensive captain Ray Lewis and his program battlefield chant as went off into the sunset as he announce his retirement several months ago,  Ed Reed moved away to the rebel forces down south to Houston. Boldin has gone to the west coast. 

13.  Chiefs (2-0): Lookout Kansas City fans head coach Andy Reid is ready to take this team to new heights. The team has talent on both sides of the ball but it doesn’t help any when the team lacks depth.

14.  Colts (1-1): Team owner Jim Irsay finally had a tweet not done in hyperbole.  Quarterback Andrew Luck has a new best friend in the backfield Trent Richardson.

15.  Rams (1-1): Weapons everywhere for quarterback Sam Bradford and solid defense. But it’s help when you need to battle in the NFC West arguably the best division in football.

16.  Dallas (1-1): Can Tony Romo stay on top and follow through in a playoff atmosphere remains to be seen can Dez Bryant and others show the NFL this team is able to turn heads. 

 17. Cardinals (1-1): Quarterback Carson Palmer steps in under-center and everything is looking up. 

18. Eagles  (1-2): Michael Vick and the offense continue to move the ball but the defense seems to be losing a few steps.

19. Titans  (1-1): The Titans defense is continuing to play with some dominate authority lets see if it continues they are a unit that is certainly exciting to watch.

20. Lions  (1-1): If Detroit could just get out of their own way and stop making mental mistakes they may turn into one of the top teams in the NFL until then at times they looked lost.

21.   Giants (0-2): Running Back Brandon Jacobs is back given the offense some added strength they desperately needed. This week everyone finds out what the team is truly capable otherwise it’s going to be a long year for the G-Men.

22.   Chargers (1-1): Another typical year having Philip Rivers at the helm looks like nothing changing even with a new coach. However, if he could take care of the football the Chargers would be 2-0.

23.  Raiders (1-1): Terrelle Pryor gives Raider Nation and football fans everywhere a quarterback who makes it interesting to watch in Oakland football again.

24.   Bills (0-2): Bills fans have been waiting for a quarterback and receiver for ages and they finally have one in place Manual to Johnson.

25.   Steelers (0-2): Ben is only aging and staying afloat but the defense ship has sunk they are definitely not the Steel Curtain of old.

26.   Vikings (0-2):  Counting Minnesota out is a little premature at this time the offense continues to find a way to score. Unfortunately the defense at times seems like still haven’t woke up from their offseason nap.

27.  Redskins (0-2): Robert Griffin III preseason is almost over and he looks back to his normal self, but it’s the defense that looks like they’re playing in August.

28.  New York Jets (1-1): Geno Smith showed his inexperience against the Patriots throwing two crucial interceptions late in a game but he’s a rookie and can only get better from here on out.

29.  Panthers (0-2):  It took three seasons for Cam Newton to play like a rookie now we are still waiting for his spark to ignite.

30.  Cleveland (0-2): Trading the talent start young running back Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts this past week looks as if Cleveland decide to throw in the towel and pick up new next season.

31.  Tampa Bay (0-2): This team is so lost they look like they are dancing without their feet. A total collapse to begin the season.

32.  Jacksonville (0-2): Look for answers there isn’t any if your fans calling for Tim Tebow the front office has issues. Sell the team or ship them to the city of the angles it looks like a circus is about to happen there.

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