Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings tweeted Wednesday “@MikeVick would intently make the Vikings a playoff team!”  While the tweet does not immediately make sense, it could be his blank filling response to a tweet made by the NFL Network on Wednesday, “Mike Vick would instantly make __________ a playoff contender.”  It is clear who Peterson would like to be running the Vikings’ offense in 2014.

Vick is not the best option for Quarterback in the NFL, but he is the best option of the free agent market for 2014.  Considering the Vikings have the eighth pick in the draft and there are plenty of teams in need of a quarterback in front of them, the top draft options for quarterback will more than likely be off the board before the Vikings even get a chance.  So the Vikings have two options, either sign a free agent quarterback or trade up to get the quarterback they want.

Since the Eagles signed Vick in 2009, he has not played more than 13 games in a single season.  Last year he lost his starting role to a hamstring injury and Nick Foles took over. 

Foles played at a Pro-Bowl level and never relinquished the starting job.  If the Vikings were to take a chance on Vick, they would be clearly rolling the dice and should expect Christian Ponder to see significant time on the field during games that may determine their playoff run or NFL 2015 draft seeding.

Written  By: Oren Shiri  

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