With the news of the Oakland Raiders releasing their fifth-year receiver and first round draft pick in 2009 Darrius Heyward-Bey earlier this month. It was time for him to find a new home where he can continue to grow in the league.  After coming of his best season of his career in Oakland. Here some of the top landing spots for the free agent wide receiver this coming season. 

Buffalo Bills: The Bills do not have a quarterback, but they also only have one real receiver, Steve Johnson and they could use the speed that Heyward-Bey would provide. He would be the second starting receiver that they need and that would also deter them from really reaching for a wide receiver in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Chicago Bears: The Bears need a speed receiver, as Johnny Knox retired and Devin Hester has proven that he is not anything more than a gadget receiver on offense. Brandon Marshall is fantastic, Earl Bennett is a very solid slot receiver and Alshon Jeffery could have a breakout season next year across from Marshall, so all they need is speed, which is DHB's specialty. Having one of the fastest receivers in the NFL playing with one of the league's top arms, in Jay Cutler is an excellent idea. This could add another element to their offense and other than further offensive line help, is the Bears' only need on the offensive side of the ball.

Cincinnati Bengals: Like the Bills, Cincinnati really needs an option across from their star, AJ Green and DHB's speed would pair very well with Green, who is more of a possession receiver, like Brandon Marshall. Bey would add another needed element on their offense.

Detroit Lions: Like The Bills and Bengals, the Lions need a receiver across from their star, Calvin Johnson. All they have is Nate Burleson and Ryan Broyles, but Matthew Stafford and his cannon of an arm could use a deep threat like DHB.

Indianapolis Colts: DHB has been linked to the Colts and they could use another proven receiver across from Reggie Wayne. This is only being mentioned because of the reported interest, but they have very talented young speed receivers in TY Hilton and Lavon Brazil so it is not much of a need, but adding someone with Bey's talent would be nice for Andrew Luck, if the price is right.

Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings signed Greg Jennings but they still need an upgrade at receiver and depth, as the only other viable wide receiver on the roster is Jerome Simpson. DHB is not as versatile as Percy Harvin was, but he is even faster and would provide Christian Ponder with another valuable playmaker, as he needs all the help he can receive, if he is to become a viable NFL quarterback.

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