The Miami Dolphins have signed former Atlanta Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes to a one year contract worth over 5 million dollars. Grimes is coming off of a serious injury, but is a Pro Bowl level cornerback when healthy and instantly becomes their best player at the position.

This became a giant need to fill after letting Sean Smith that signed with the Kansas City Chiefs and the trade of Vonta' Davis to the Indianapolis Colts last off-season.

They had no real starting level cornerback on the roster, so this is a large upgrade and only offering a one year contract does no long-term harm to their cap situation if he reinjures himself or is not the same player he was before the injury. Regardless, he fills one starting spot, but they still need to fill the other one, which will most likely come in the draft.

This is a low risk high reward move for the Dolphins, as they are receiving an elite player at a position of need and signed him below market value, for a number one cornerback. Grimes had his fair share of suitors and it is surprising that he did not stay with the Falcons, who are a Super Bowl contender, but the Dolphins must be very excited to have him, as once again, it is a huge upgrade at arguably their biggest area of need. A very nice move for the Miami Dolphins.