Now this will be exciting. James Harrison, the longtime Pittsburgh Steelers' pass rushing star, has signed with one of their biggest rivals, the Cincinnati Bengals. The deal is for two years, but why sign with a rival of the team you have played with for so long? If Harrison's history has anything to do with it, one of them would have to be revenge. He wasn’t so thrilled about the team releasing him.  


The player known more for his vicious hits, than any other in the NFL, may be gunning for his old team.

This is a man who once said that he would not urinate on the commissioner if he was on fire, so he is no stranger to anger and grudges. This is just another excellent side note on their rivalry and there is no doubt that all eyes will be on the Bengals-Steelers' game this season, especially the commissioners'', so the Bengals may have signed him for the publicity. But as a scheme fit, it is not an ideal match, as Harrison has excelled as a 3-4 rushing linebacker, while the Bengals play a 4-3 style.

He is also 34, so changing systems at this point does not sound like the best option for Harrison, so maybe it really is just so he can face is an old team. Regardless, of fit, Harrison will no doubt have an effect rushing the passer, so if the money was right, it was a nice signing.