This past Monday rumor’s started to fly, when San Francisco 49ers tight-end, Vernon Davis posted a picture with him and Maurice Jones-Drew on Instagram. But what really started the buzz, was not the picture, but the comments from Davis that came after the picture:


It’s all speculation at this point.

If the 49ers were to get Jones-Drew, how would he fit in with Gore? While Gore is only two years older, he has been more productive as of late, not to mention Gore’s been healthy as of late and Jones-Drew has not. So how would they use Jones-Drew?

In actuality, the best place to use Jones-Drew strictly is on passing downs, mixing with him and maybe lining him up in the slot or even out wide. But, those are big “if’s”, plus Jones-Drew would have to take a pretty large pay cut if he did sign with the San Francisco, even with the salary cap  increase, the 49ers are only going to have 15 million to spend as of right now.

The team is in the middle of resigning  wide receiver Anquan Boldin. Which will probably cut that number in half this year. Not like Jones-Drew is going to have a lot options at this point in his career anyway.

 But in the end,  I do not see the 49ers being one of those. The 49ers have options much younger and cheaper, in Marcus Lattimore, Kendall Hunter and even LaMichael James.


Jones-Drew becomes a free agent on March 11th.


Written By: Trent Davis

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