After losing long-time captain and star middle linebacker, Brian Urlacher, the Chicago Bears have signed long-time Bronco, DJ Williams, to a 1 year contract that could be raised as high as 1.75 million.

An excellent move for a team that was desperate for a linebacker after losing Urlacher and outside linebacker Nick Roach in the same week. This doesn't mean the Bears' won't switch their draft plans of getting a young linebacker, but it does give them a year to get that player ready.

Williams may not be the elite player he once was, but he was the best middle linebacker on the market it is the most important position in the Bears' defense and one they could not trust a rookie to play.

If the Bears draft a linebacker in the earlier rounds like a Arthur Brown or Alec Ogletree they could move him to the outside this year and put him in the middle in 2014.

Williams is just a bridge to the next generation of middle linebacker in Chicago, but a signing. Williams may actually be better than Urlacher at this point, so they should not lose much production at linebacker and they can now focus on the draft and filling other needs.