The Buffalo Bills have signed quarterback Kevin Kolb to a two year for $13 million, incentive laden contract and he will sit atop the depth chart for now. Do not expect this to stop the Bills from drafting a quarterback, as they simply had nothing on the roster other than Tavaris Jackson and Aaron Corp.

For now let's just say that Kolb will be a stopgap until their new franchise quarterback is found and ready to start. Geno Smith, Ryan Nassib and Matt Barkley are still very much in play.

Kolb is brittle, but about as talented as Ryan Fitzpatrick, so if he is healthy and the actual starter, they should not expect too much of a fall in quarterbacking, but he will be making about half of what Fitzpatrick would have made this season, so it is a smart move.

The at least Bills fans can breathe easy, knowing they at least have at least one viable quarterback on the roster. Kolb is not the long-term answer, but at least they have a starting caliber quarterback on this team, which is more than could be said earlier today.