According to sources close to ESPN and media, it is expected that the Philadelphia Eagles will sign former New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. Sanchez, who was released by the New York Jets on Friday, is expected to sign by Tuesday morning according to a source that told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen.


Keep in mind that Sanchez is rehabbing from shoulder surgery, and more than likely the Eagles will have him undergo a medical evaluation prior to the signing becoming official. If Sanchez passes the physical, he becomes the third quarterback on the Eagles' roster, joining starter Nick Foles and backup Matt Barkley.


With that being said, he would either replace Barkley as the backup or for the first time in his career he ends up being a third string quarterback. It is as good move in many cases, but mainly for back up if Foles gets injured. If he gets injured the Eagles then have more depth and aren't stuck with the lack of experience from Barkley. It was a good move for the Eagles, but obviously Sanchez' health will be very important in order to prove himself worthy of a spot on the team or any team for that matter.

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