Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB/DE, 6’ 3” 252 lbs, Georgia Tech

Jeremiah, is hot off a great showing at the Senior Bowl.  The native of Nigeria, has played all four years at Georgia Tech.  In his junior season, he played outside linebacker and tallied 44 solo tackles, 25 assisted tackles, 69 in total, 12 tackles for a loss, 10 sacks and one forced fumble.  Last season, he transitioned to defensive end when he performed better tailing 37 solo tackles, eight assisted tackles, 45 in total, 16 tackles for a loss, 12.5 sacks and still caused a forced fumble. 

This change in position and versatility will increase his appeal to NFL teams.  As a linebacker, he has very good size and slightly better than average speed with a 4.68 second 40 yard dash.  As a defensive end he is undersized and has well above average speed.

Strengths:  Attaochu is athletic, fast, long, intelligent, attacks the ball and is quick to react.  His decision making improved over the last two years, which shows he is a quick study and can execute what he learns.  He excels at run blocking and has shown versatility by going from outside linebacker his Junior year to defensive end his Senior year and playing a little Inside Linebacker in the Senior Bowl. 

Weaknesses:  Attaochu is a bit slow for an NFL linebacker and a bit undersized for a defensive end.  Georgia Tech has also not been known for putting out great defensive players over the past few drafts.  He can get a little lost in drop back pass coverage.

Attaochu will be best suited for a defense that normally runs a 3 - 4 scheme and a defense that mixes its looks.  With his stellar run blocking ability and knack for getting to the ball carrier, any defensive coordinator would be infatuated with Attaochu’s above average size and faster than the average speed at linebacker.  Add to that his high football intellect and reaction to pass or run and you have a star just waiting for opening kickoff of the 2014 season. 

Attaochu's draft value is high, but his draft position will drop due to many teams needing offensive play makers at the quarterback and wide receiver positions and having those play makers available in this year's draft.  Potential suitors in the range of this draft would be Indianapolis, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta.  Atlanta has shown a liking to Georgia Tech players by drafting six since 1970, the most by any NFL team.  Watch for Attaochu in the draft and for him to make a defense better next year.


Written by:  Nic Amanno

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