1.       San Francisco 49ers: They are dominating in all aspects of the game, they have a tough defense that will wear down any offense, and an offense led by new sensation Collin Kaepernick who will look to improve in his first full season as a starter.

2.       Denver Broncos: The Broncos had a disappointing finish last season, but with a stout defense, a solid set of receivers, and Peyton Manning behind center, they are a top contender.

3.       Seattle Seahawks: Seattle has improved drastically over the last few years, and with Russell Wilson has a year of experience under his belt, they Seahawks should see another improved year.

4.       Green Bay Packers: The Packers went out and resigned the best player in the league, Aaron Rodgers, and they also added a run game in the draft by picking up both Eddie Lacy, and Johnathan Franklin.

5.       Houston Texans: Possibly the most complete offense in the league, with an improved defense should land Houston in the playoffs yet again.  

6.       Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons don't only have two of the best receivers in the league, but they also improved their pass defense which was one of their big pitfalls last season. 

7.       Cincinnati Bengals: They are a young and talented team that should benefit from a weaker division this year than in the past.

8.       Indianapolis Colts: Rookie Andrew Luck, the Colts improved from a one win team to a ten win team in just one year, if he could do that as a rookie just think what he can do this season.

9.       Baltimore Ravens: Normally the defending champion is near the top of preseason rankings, but with the departures of so many key players the Ravens will look to have young replacements step in and make an impact right away. Flacco will also look to continue his success he had in the playoffs.

10.   Washington Redskins: The Redskins had two of the most outstanding performances by any rookies in the league last season, so as long as Robert Griffin III is healthy they will be a top team in the NFC.

11.   New England Patriots: The Patriots are starting the season without their top three receivers, Brady will need to get on page with someone new very quickly for the Patriots to be competitive in the AFC.

12.   New Orleans Saints: Sean Payton returns from his suspension, so they should be back to their 2011 form

13.   New York Giants: No big changes to the team, but they are always a threat down the stretch.

14.   Chicago Bears: Hopefully with less pressure, Jay Cutler can finally live up to his potential.

15.   Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers are heading into the season with an unproven defense, which is a rarity for a team with a top defense seemingly every year.

16.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Buccaneers hope adding Darrelle Revis will help them contain the passing threats within the division.

17.   St Louis Rams: This is the year where Sam Bradford is either proven a star or a bust. He has all the opportunities to succeed now just needs show results. 

18.   Minnesota Vikings: They had a good draft and they have the machine that is Adrian Peterson.

19.   Philadelphia Eagles: Under Chip Kelly they are either hit or miss, the spread offense will be the most explosive thing ever to hit the field, or they will flop and it will be a long year for fans.

20.   Dallas Cowboys: Will this be the year Tony Romo finally becomes consistent? We will wait and see.

21.   Kansas City Chiefs: They Chiefs should finally put their talented roster to good use under Coach Andy Ried. 

22.   Miami Dolphins: The big question is will Ryan Tannehill be able to stay on his feet long enough to deliver the ball to some of the playmakers on the field?

23.   Detroit Lions: The Lions have as much talent as the next team, but it just depends if they finally put it all together on the field.

24.   Carolina Panthers: If their defense was improved enough through the draft then they could be a tough opponent this season and maybe get a playoff berth.

25.   Cleveland Browns: If Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson improve this season, the Browns could be a better team; unfortunately they are still in one of the toughest divisions in football. 

26.   Oakland Raiders: They are rebuilding and in need of more talent before they are competitive. 

27.   Arizona Cardinals: They finally found a way to make Larry Fitzgerald relevant again by adding Carson Palmer, this could be a sequel to the Kurt Warner days. 

28.   Tennessee Titans: They need a quarterback and a better defense before they will improve.

29.   Buffalo Bills: If EJ Manuel is able to be successful as a rookie, then the Bills will be successful. 

30.   San Diego Chargers: A poor offensive line will lead to problems for a team in the rebuilding process.

31.   Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars still have no quarterback; they will once again rely on Maurice Jones-Drew for all their offense.

32.   New York Jets: Who is the quarterback? And what is the team's identity? Those are two questions that are plaguing the Jets. 

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