Last week it was Blake Bortles that proclaimed himself as the consensus number one quarterback in the draft. Today it was Johnny Manziel making a case why he deserves to be looked at as the top quarterback in the draft as well.


After everyone found out that "Johnny Football" only measures to be 5'11, basically he was automatically counted out by his height. But now after a pro day that Manziel had the draft had he makes the draft more unpredictable for the quarterbacks. They could end being drafted anywhere.

CBS Sports writer Josh Katzowitz made the following statement about Manziel's spectacular pro day: "He showed accuracy, a strong arm and a nice touch during his workout. Of all three quarterbacks, you could convincingly make the case that Manziel had the best quarterbacking pro day of any of them."

The big news emerged prior to Johnny Football even took the field and that news was he was deciding to throw in a helmet and shoulder pads. That is definitely one thing that Manziel brings to the table is excitement, but he also brings unpredictability which some teams may not like and may pass on him.

Let's face it, whether fans, scouts, or front office executives like this guy or not he is a competitor and has fun playing the game of football. He showed impressive accuracy and even displayed a little zip in his throws in full gear. Some scouts feel it was just an attempt to make his physical appearance a bit bigger, but that remains only known by him.

When asked about his decision to participate in his pro day in full gear by NFL Network, Manziel made the following statement: " I'm not scared of anything. I don't play that way. Why come out here in a scripted workout and be scared of anything? Let's make it as challenging as we possibly could. Go out and have fun with it."

In total, Manziel completed a reported 61 of 63 passes, though, as always, you should remember that he didn't face a defense during his pro day. The fact that he did it in full gear makes his performance that much more impressive. It will be very interesting now to see where the three main quarterbacks are taken after a poor pro day performance by Teddy Bridgewater, and solid performances by both Manziel and Bortles.

Possibly in the back of Manziel's mind he was focused on Bortles solid outing at his pro day and what better way to prove he can have an outstanding performance himself. Therefore, he decided to participate in shoulder pads and helmet. It still remains unknown whether or not it will make a difference come draft day, but he definitely made a name for himself and has made it even more difficult for teams looking to draft a quarterback. What Manziel does hope is that he helped his draft stock and that he lands on a team that puts him in the best situation to win.


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