The debates over who the Houston Texans should select with the first overall pick in the draft seem to be never ending. They are in desperate need of a quarterback, but are any of the prospects really worth the number one selection? Especially when that means passing up a player like Jadeveon Clowney, who used his pro day to solidify the reasons he is number one worthy.

Due to a lingering hip flexor injury Clowney, the top prospect on most big boards, was unable to participate in the position drills during the combine which made his pro day even more important. Most teams were questioning his work ethic, but by showing up to the pro day at the same weight as the combines showed that he has kept in shape all off season, and his performance showed why he is a one of a kind athlete.

During his pro day the workouts were unscripted so he did whatever they threw at him with little preparation. He showed unparalleled speed for a player his size as well as great technique. He showed off his athleticism even more when he jumped seven bags flatfooted just for fun, and did it with ease.

Clowney ended his pro day by dropping back in coverage and showing that his athleticism could lead to him being an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. Overall Clowney showed why he is the most athletic player in the draft, and why he deserves to be the number one pick.

However, the Texans don’t need another dominate pass rusher. They already have the freak-of-nature that is JJ Watt. But can you really justify passing up the best player in the draft? Whatever ends up happening Clowney is the real deal and will make a huge impact on whatever team drafts him. He is the type of player that leaves you saying “wow” and can sell out a stadium on his own