2014 NFL Draft day discussions of quarterbacks been focused on Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, and Blake Bortles; however after a strong pro day, Derek Carr from Fresno State, stock is in increasing and he coming into the mix.

Carr woke up with flu like symptoms and was given fluids and medication prior to his big pro day workout which included representatives from 23 teams and a few general managers.

Despite feeling under the weather Carr was able to complete 56 of 63 passes, and according to him only one of those missed passes was off target. Scouts were impressed by Carr’s arm strength and his ability to hit all of his throws despite being sick.

At Fresno State Carr threw for 3,000 yards in three consecutive seasons and set multiple school and conference records. He elevated the program during his time there and was able to make everyone around him better.

Among his most impressive stats are his high completion percentage and his high completion numbers (recorded 42 in a game against San Diego State). Carr has very good footwork which helps him evade pressure and move around in the backfield, but also has good enough speed to run downfield if the pocket breaks down. Carr also has an excellent arm that gives him the ability to drop the ball over the defense with a soft touch or to sling it downfield and hit the deep out routes. As a three time captain he developed strong leadership qualities during his college career and exhibited his toughness during his pro day.

He primarily ran the offense out of the shotgun at Fresno State which leads to some questions on his ability to be an under-the-center quarterback in the pros. He also played against weak defenses which lead people to question if his talent was at all enhanced by the competition.

Overall he is a strong first round candidate who would benefit from spending some time on the bench before being thrown into the starting roll.  


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