In the mist of the offseason and after the Super Bowl, NFL teams are looking to find the missing pieces to take them to the top of the league and capture the Lombardi trophy. In saying this many teams in the coming season are looking for their next quarterback to guide their team to victories to get them there. Through, making a big spash at the draft or by fishing the seas of free agency. Welcome to the Peyton Manning rollercoaster, be sure to fasten your seat belts. 

With Payton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts possible being released any day now and becoming a available to an NFL team. Teams like the Washington Redskins or Miami Dolphins who desperatly need a quarterback may decide to go with the veteran instead of starting completely starting over with a rookie quarterback. Who, better available than Manning himself an 11 time Pro Bowl quarterback and four time MVP. 

However, after a setback in his recovery from a May 23 neck surgery, on September 7, 2011 the Colts officially ruled Manning out for the season. Leaving many questions about his health and where he will be come fall. Do the Colts want him back or will they release him and try to improve their spot from obtaining the top selection of the NFL draft with Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. 

Colts owner Jim Irsay made the decision on what to do about Manning weeks ago, according to's Jason LaCanfora on Jan. 28. Or not, if you go with Irsay's tweet on Jan. 29.

Therefore, the last two weeks he was connected to the teams like the Redskins who had conflicting reports of interest, even former Skins quarterback Joe Theismann  got in to the act and said “What a horrific idea, quarterback while on 106.7 The Fan with Mike Wise and Holden Kushner.  Others had him linked to the Arizona Cardinals and the Miami Dolphins all teams seemed to raise interest in his services to filling in the hole of their starting quarterback.  Other reports thrown into the scoop were him contemplating retiring. Basically all resulting in a complete circus. 

Earlier this week the local Indianapolis paper the According to Indianapolis Star reporter Bob Kravitz, Manning's neck isn't as much of an issue as his arm, which is "a noodle," and that he "can't throw like an NFL quarterback."

Thursday, according to NFL Network's Mike Lombardi said

"people who are catching Peyton Manning's (neck surgeries) passes as he rehabs say Manning not only lacks velocity, but can't throw to his left."

"He can't throw the ball, "said Lombardi. "I've talked to people who've caught the ball for him. He can't throw the ball to his left. He can't throw the ball across his body, because he doesn't feel it. People that catch the ball for him say he doesn't really have velocity on the ball yet."



Lombardi is skeptical of any franchise hinging its hopes on Manning. The hope, of course, is that Manning will regain feeling in his arm as the nerve regenerates. In time for the season this will most likely occur and he will be ready, since his mind set and determined to gain full control in his arm. However, he's not getting any younger and father time is catching up to him. Leaving questions in the 35 years old head when is it time for him to step away from the game he loves but for now is him deciding on which NFL team to play for in 2012 knowning the franchise is willing to take him under their wing.