Miami Dolphins rookie defensive end Dion Jordan may follow the same path as Ryan Tannehill did last year and choose to holdout during training camp. Jordan was the third overall selection for the Dolphins in the 2013 NFL draft.


As reported last week, the organization wants to add offset language into Jordan's contract, but he is not willing to agree to those terms. The Dolphins want to add this language only when a player has guaranteed money in his contract, like the one similar to Tannehill's.


If Jordan chooses not sign his rookie contract, he would not play during the 2013 season. He would be forced to re-enter next year's NFL Draft. This is a risky proposition for the player because teams will not know if he will be physically fit enough for the NFL after missing an entire season of competitive football or if he could perform the same things as well as before. For Jordan to decide to possibly sit the entire 2013 season out, he could theoretically be putting his entire professional football career and future at immediate risk now.