Green Bay led Seattle 7 to 3 early in the first quarter without even converting a first down in the opening quarter.  What is even more fascinating is that both teams got field goals off penalties.  The Mike Daniels roughing the kicker penalty put the Seahawks in a position to gain a 3 to 0 lead.  A pass interference penalty by Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner put the Packers in position to tie it up at 10 after the Seahawks had a strong stand by holding the Packers to a 3 and out series.

The X factor who opened up a can of worms out of the backfield was none other than Marshawn Lynch.  Lynch broke some carries thanks to outstanding run blocking by this offensive line.  The most memorable play had to be when rookie right tackle Justin Hill tripped Julius Peppers on a block.  Lynch helped Seattle gain a 17 to 10 lead on a 9 yard rushing touchdown.

The Seahawks' defense helped Seattle win this contest with stellar play.  The Seahawks got a field goal to make it 20 to 10 before getting a safety off a fumble.

Lynch sealed the Packers' fate when he scored his second rushing touchdown five seconds into the fourth quarter.  Lynch got the ball 20 times.  He ran for 110 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns.

The Seahawks gained a 29 to 10 lead after Lynch's second rushing touchdown.  The Seahawks won 36 to 16.



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