The Detroit Lions have officially signed all nine of their picks from this year's draft, as they inked first round pick defensive end Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah to a five year deal earlier today. The details of the contract have not been announced to the public yet.

The Lions selected the speedy exterior lineman with the fifth overall pick in the draft, with hopes that he can be a significant presence in disrupting the opponents offensive scheme. Ansah has been characterized as raw, yet with a ceiling higher than any other player in his draft class.

The native Ghanaian is expected to start for the Lions at either the defensive end or outside linebacker position, yet with Detroit's 4-3 defensive scheme, defensive end seems to be the more likely option.

Other than the Lions, only one other team, the New Orleans Saints, has come to an agreement with their first round pick this offseason, recently signing safety Kenny Vaccaro​.

Detroit general manager Martin Mayhew has showed incredible initiative with his draft picks this year, making the Lions the first team from the 2013 draft class to sign all of their selected players to deals.

With all nine draft picks under contract, the Lions can now relax and ease into their OTAs, while also being confident that all their rookies will learn how to mesh well with the team at the rookie minicamp.