This past regular season, Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson proved to that he is undoubtedly one of the most talented players in the NFL today. During this record breaking season, Johnson also showed his impressive durability, playing through a supposed concussion, and now reportedly multiple broken fingers as well.


According to Chris McCosky, a journalist for Detroit News, Johnson last week confirmed that at least one point last season, he played with three broken fingers. McCosky added that Johnson is “trying to straighten them out” and that surgery will not be needed for the superstar.


The 2012 season was one in which Johnson broke the record for most single season receiving yards with 1,924, shattering Jerry Rice’s previous record by over one hundred yards. As if this feat wasn’t mind blowing enough already, it is even more incredibly impressive now that light has been shed on the fact that this was achieved while playing with numerous broken fingers.


It is still yet to be determined if the Lions organization will be penalized for this incident, as they failed to divulge the extent of Johnson’s injury during the season, and at times even denied the existence of such injuries.

Nonetheless, these developments have only given NFL fans everywhere more reason to believe that Johnson, just 27 years old, is solidifying himself as one of the best all around receivers of our generation.