Ever since winning last season's Heisman trophy, football sensation Johnny "Football" Manziel has made the news for a number of reasons.  

Those reasons typically revolve around enjoying his celebrity, however this week the reasons for his name appearing in the news have taken a much more discontented turn.


Johnny Manziel tweet


Just a day after Manziel himself posted about his unhappiness at Texas A & M on his twitter account, the story is now breaking that the quarterback considered transferring out of College Station.  After red-shirting the 2011 season, Manziel was facing a possible suspension for the 2012 season.  He'd been arrested for multiple minor offenses in College Station's Northgate bar district in June of 2012, and according to a source close to him as cited in the Dallas News recently Manziel would have transferred had the suspension not been overturned on an appeal.

While Manziel's discontent in College Station certainly waned during the season, in the wake of his success it's clear he's still just about had it.  This will be his third season (including the red shirt season), and after it he'll be eligible for the NFL draft.  While nobody is quite sure where he'll go or how he'll do at the next level right now, what I think we probably can be reasonably sure of is that he'll find out in next year's draft as a Junior coming out of college.  

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