After breaking off his engagement this past December to his long time girlfriend, Buffalo Bills’ defensive end Mario Williams decided to sue his former gal pal after she refused to return her engagement ring to Williams. According to Erin Marzouki’s attorney, Texas state law dictates that if the man in the relationship breaks off an engagement, the ring remains with the female.

Angry about being unable to get the ring back, Williams sued and Marzouki and her attorney have stepped up the mudslinging with some startling allegations about Williams. Marzouki is claiming to have texts between her and Williams, where he makes some very dark, suicidal statements including “No money in the world should leave me with suicidal thoughts.”

Additional alleged conversations between the former couple also touched on the issues of drug abuse during the season: "Why don't you talk to someone? Clearly you're not happy & if your takin pills that's bad," in which Williams supposedly answered "there's no telling what I'll do to myself."

The Bills’ need to immediately investigate this situation before it gets out of hand. There comes a time when a man’s personal well being takes precedent over his ability to play football. Here’s to hoping for the best for Mario Williams.