Are the Kansas City Chiefs truly interested drafting West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith with their upcoming number one overall pick in the draft. The Chiefs are most likely waving a smoke screen about= their new found interest in Smith, in hopes to trade for the first overall pick come draft day.

“I hope Kansas City is legitimately interested” Smith told Jim Corbett of USA Today. The Chiefs do seem to like Smith’s game. One scout from the Chiefs compared him to a young Donovan McNabb. Smith will be working out with different teams Monday through Friday, the Chiefs will be one of those teams.

Except for the Chiefs to try their hardest to make sure Smith is convinced he will be chosen number one. A quarterback isn’t in the team’s interest in this year’s draft after making a trade for quarterback Alex Smith. The team also gave backup quarterback Chase Daniels a three year $10 million deal. In reality the Chiefs will use that draft pick on another player that fulfills the team’s needs.