As the 2014 NFL Draft slowly approaches many still can not help but look at all the prospects that can turn into NFL stars one day. Next year's draft is soaked with quarterbacks of different skill sets, skill sets that can help improve a team tremendously.

Looking forward five NFL teams come to mind who are very likely to make that move at drafting a quarterback in the first round in hopes they can bring the teams, wins, playoff appearances and ultimately a Super Bowl in the future.

Arizona Cardinals-Current QB Carson Palmer

Over the past few seasons the Cardinals have had a few quarterbacks experiments just go terribly wrong: With the trade for Kevin Kolb who turned out to be injury prone, also the John Skelton project in which he started a few games but was hurt too many times and when he wasn't hurt he was not productive at all. Lastly the Palmer signing which is the signing of Carson Palmer in hopes that he would play like his former self but sadly just hasn't been what the Cardinals wanted.

Cleveland Browns-Current Starting QB-Jason Campbell

The Browns will continue to search for their franchise going into the 2014 because Brandon Weedon is not the answer nor is Campbell. It's simple the Browns have been searching for a long time  but still have not found an answer maybe Hoyer can make a comeback.

But looking at it currently  Colt McCoy, Brandon Weeden, Brandon Hoyer and now Jason Campbell they seem lost but who knows it may be a late rounder this time .

Realistically if  of this quarterback fiasco continues in Cleveland the team will truly never get a chance to succeed deep in the playoffs. So in this stance if this continues it just continue to decrease their chances of success.

Houston Texans-Current Starting QB-Case Keenum

The Texans as of late have become a team with tons of potential. The team has shown that potential when they won a playoff game in 2012 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Texans have the prospective in place to succeed to become a great team but one thing holding Houston from making that happen is the lack true dominance at the quarterback position or maybe just the lack of winning. Which once upon a time was a strong point of their team has turned around to a complete disappointment.

The team has already cycled through three different quarterback’s. As the draft comes the Texans won't hesitate In drafting a star quarterback, which could help them get over the hump and finally win a Super Bowl. But that has yet to be determined as Case Keenum learns the ropes and continues to put up decent numbers despite their record this season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Current Starting QB- Mike Glennon

The Buccs certainly seen better times and has had a rough season not winning a game yet.

The quarterback position is handled by a rookie quarterback that seems to have his handful . Tampa’s year will be remembered for the Josh Freeman situation which lead to him getting benched, cut and questioned for drug use and finally shipped to Minnesota way before the trading deadline.

Their current starter is Mike Glennon as their quarterback who has been surprisingly alright as a rookie quarterback coming out of NC State. But who knows if he can place a few wins under his belt he may save his starting job for next season.

Jacksonville Jaguars-Current Starting QB-Chad Henne

Lastly there is the Jacksonville Jaguars who just doesn't have a problem in the quarterback position but with their whole team. Focusing on their quarterback though they tried making Blaine Gabbert as franchise quarterback but in all honestly he isn't even a good backup as he has a quarterback of just 2. Their current starter Chad Henne is only a backup level quarterback himself, so it makes sense why the Jaguars would take a quarterback in next years draft seeing as they might have the first overall pick.

These five teams either have had recent quarterback struggles or have had them over a time period, so when the 2014 draft comes around many shouldn't be shocked to see them take a quarterback in the first round.

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