While the Denver Broncos were preparing and reviewing their draft board of plausible targets to add to their star-studded roster, Wisconsin running back Montee (pronounced MON-TAY) Ball caught the eye of John Elway. The highest ranked back on the board was Alabama's Eddie Lacey, but Elway had concerns regarding a nagging toe injury that Lacey had suffered towards the end of last season.


Denver selected defensive tackle Slyvester Williams with their first selection and had some time to decide which direction to go. As Elway walked from his office at Broncos' headquarters to the War Room multiple times, he kept seeing a photograph outside of his office that had always brought a smile to his face: an action shot of former league MVP and teammate Terrell Davis. Ball reminded Elway of Davis; his running style, his vision, his decision making and ability to pick the right hole at just the right time. As Elway returned to the war room, his decision had been made—Montee Ball was going to be a Denver Bronco. With their second round selection, much to the chagrin of many who thought Lacey would end up in the Mile High City, the Broncos chose Ball.


"He's a guy that is durable," Elway said and even though he has over 600 carries the past two seasons, the Broncos believe that if Ball can become anywhere near the player that Davis was, then they got themselves a steal in the 2nd round. Ball grew up a Broncos fan, and patterned his running style after that of Davis. Elway sees similarities in their personalities as well and how Ball goes about his business in an unassuming manner.


Ball is the bigger back the Broncos were looking to add to go along with incumbent, Willis McGahee. The Broncos running game suffered dramatically after both McGahee and Knowshon Moreno went down with injuries. Denver is betting that Ball not only will be the future of their running game, but can provide a powerful 1-2 punch with McGahee.