Earlier this year the Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross opposed a bill for a $350 million stadium upgrade for Sun Life Stadium, which would be partly funded by the public.

According to the Miami Herald, Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford objects to the decision of Ross to form a Political Action Committee that targets the politicians that opposed the bill. The PAC focuses on districts of state representatives Michael Bileca, Jose Felix Diaz, Carlos Trujillo and Weatherford even though he’s in another part of Florida.

Weatherford spoke at the Miami-Dade Republican Party’s Lincoln Day fundraiser, “No matter where you were on that bill, for it or against it, it doesn’t matter to me.” He continued, “But the fact that there are people, who are attacking members of you community, your representatives, because they stood on principle, is wrong. And I’ve got their back, and you should have their back, too.”

Although Weatherford isn’t the only man who opposed the bill, Ross targets him more. He believes Weatherford tried to make a bigger splash in the headlines by opposing the bill, and now faces the wrath of an angry Dolphins' owner. 

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