The Miami Dolphins have re-signed their franchise defensive tackle Randy Starks to a one year $8.5 million contract. Starks was one of Miami’s elite players on the defensive line last season. Starks going on thirty, age may be catching up to him.

Management can now choose if they want to reconstruct Starks contract to maybe a long-term deal by July 15. If both sides agree to long-term which can be likely, Miami will now have to free up cap space to make this occur.

Does the Dolphins organization really want to free up cap space for an aging player? No doubt he brings experience to the defensive line, but Miami needs to focus on signing more key players to add to what they have already for themselves in free agency.

If they do decide to free up cap space, where do they go? Their offense which seems to be improving by the day or the defense which cannot really afford to get weaker than it already is. Realistically Miami may feel more comfortable signing Stark long term but they know budget is very important for them especially if they want to perform well this season and make a playoff run.

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