After putting together arguably the most dominant victory in Super Bowl history, the Seattle Seahawks defense proved once again that defense wins championships. The "Legion of Boom", has essentially brought themselves into discussions about being one of the best defenses in NFL history. They did so, by completely shutting down arguably the best offense football has ever seen. The Denver Broncos offense struggled significantly to say the least and credit all goes to the defense. The Seahawks defeated the Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl 48 and quite frankly made an impact in the NFL.

The outcome of the game will indeed have long-term impact in the National Football League. For the most part most of the attention has been on offense. Everyone wants to see a show and let's be honest a typical fan would much rather see a bunch of touchdowns in a game than a bunch of turnovers. 

Between last year's Super Bowl champ Baltimore Ravens defense, and this year's Seattle Seahawks defense showed that defense is more important than offense. Seattle proved to be a hard-hitting but very traditional defense and have been hearing they may be the best defense ever. The Seahawks didn't just defeat that high powered Denver offense they embarrassed them. Everyone knew Seattle might win, but not in the fashion they did. 

In the offseason head coaches will shift from focusing on offense to defense. A lot more teams will draft more defensive players to make certain they have depth especially playoff caliber teams. The idea that defense not only can slow down the other team, but can itself win the game will be in every coach's mind. 

Beginning this year in the draft there will be more trades than usual. Teams will look to move up to grab a guy that fits their defensive scheme and will try to create magic---much like Seattle did. Seattle created their roster throughout years of drafting and it paid off and they captured their first Super Bowl in franchise history. 

Don't be surprised to see teams being involved in trade talks for the Houston Texans or St Louis Rams. Since there is this guy with incredible talent on the defensive side of the ball Jadeveon Clowney out of South Carolina who has the potential to immediately become an elite defensive lineman in the NFL. A more defensive players will be taken in the first couple rounds than ever before in quest to establish a competitive defense. It's not that teams want to be like the Seahawks, but they want to be able to compete with the best and to do so, your defense has to get it done night in and night out. Many believe it is good for football to have "super defenses".

Folks were not watching flag football, the NFL game is certainly not about offense. Coaches need to really study prospects in the draft because more and more low draft picks and even undrafted players are becoming stars in the NFL and that is simply because their talent is being missed by scouts. The 2012 Seattle Seahawks received an "F", as their grade for their draft. Use that for motivation and we will have even more competitive teams than ever before. 

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