World Laughs Detroit Lions' defensive tackle Nick Fairley predicted the Lions will make the Super Bowl this year. This is funny, coming from a guy who has had only a half a season of actual solid work on the field. This team won 4 games last year and although they have had a solid summer and an excellent draft, they will be lucky to make the playoffs let alone the Super Bowl.

The Lions  are arguably the fourth best team in their own division, let alone one of the NFC's elite. This team's defense is still nowhere near playoff caliber and their offensive line is a joke.

They have an explosive offense, but who are they going to stop? No the Lions will not make the Super Bowl, or even the playoffs, they are still far from contenders. Predictions like this never come true and yes, it's nice that a young talented player believes in his team, but there is no way that the Lions will come close to the Super Bowl, so he is wasting his time.