The 2012 season for the Denver Broncos ended with a massive disappointment when the Baltimore Ravens came to town and knocked them off in the first round; so hopes were high that the 2013 season would end differently. When the Broncos managed to make it to the Super Bowl, to face off against the Seattle Seahawks, nearly everyone thought that they were on a path to redemption. However, despite a record breaking regular season season, the 2013 campaign came to yet another disappointing end.

The game couldn’t have started any worse. Trindon Holliday brought the ball out on the opening kickoff from nearly nine yards deep and gave the Broncos bad starting position for their first offensive drive. Then, a major miscue led to a Seahawks safety when center Manny Ramirez snaps the ball over Peyton Manning’s head on the first play of the game.

From that point on the momentum was clearly in favor of the Seahawks. Like former Eagles and Broncos safety Brian Dawkins tweeted during the game “Big Mo has been on one sideline since the opening kickoff.”  The Broncos appeared to lose all confidence and played their worst offensive game since Manning joined the team last season.

With that being said, it wasn’t all a bad for the Broncos. Their defense did all they could early by not giving up any touchdowns in the first quarter when the Seahawks only had a short field to work with. They were also able to contain Marshawn Lynch for the majority of the game which is no easy feat. However, their defense spent too much time on the field and they eventually got too worn down. Everyone knew coming into the game that the usually mediocre defense of Denver wouldn’t be able to carry the team to a victory. They needed the offense to show up, and they didn’t.

Manning had a poor game, including a few errant passes that never should have left his hand. His poor play was partly due to the fantastic defensive play by the Seahawks who were able to stay in close coverage to all of Manning’s weapons the whole game. But the team as a whole seemed rushed and unfocused once the game began to get out of hand, and they lacked the precision that took them to the Super Bowl to begin with.

Next season will bring many changes to the Denver team, while Manning will likely be returning next season, unless his doctors advise him otherwise in March after his annual physical, other players may have played their last game as members of the Denver Broncos. Among the free agents this season for Denver are key starters Knowshon Moreno, Eric Decker, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Chris Harris. Moreno and Decker are likely gone due to the steep increase in salary they will demand after strong seasons. The future of Cromartie will likely depend on Champ Bailey restructures his contract and taking a pay cut for next season.

In order to be considered contenders for the third year in a row the Broncos will need to address multiple holes in their defense and pick up a few more players who can make an impact on an already explosive offense.

It will be a long off season once again for Denver fans, especially after such a disappointing game in the Super Bowl. During the offseason look for John Elway will to continue his impressive run as an executive by luring new free agents to join the team, as well as putting together a strong draft class. 


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