The Indianapolis Colts improved significantly and finished with an 11-5 record last season. For being a young team they performed extravagantly in the Wildcard matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs where they overcame a 28 point deficit to win and advance to face the New England Patriots which they lost. Especially for a team that has so many holes on the defensive side of the ball they still are quite competitive and still remain one of the best teams in all of football.

The goal going into the off-season is for Indianapolis to provide Pro-Bowl quarterback Andrew Luck some weapons on offense, pick up more versatile offensive lineman for his protection, and upgrade the secondary.

A target was definitely added when the Colts signed former New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks to a one-year deal. Now the one-year deal is simply for Nicks to prove himself to everyone he is the star receiver he has the talent people expect out of him. Last season in New York, Nicks finished with 896 yards and a disappointing zero touchdowns.

Nicks will likely this coming season with the Colts get more touchdowns this Luck at quarterback since he is a much more efficient passer than Eli Manning.

With Reggie Wayne coming back from his injury will be healthy and receiving a lot of attention which leaves Nicks in one-on-one coverage. The Colts are hoping that Nicks is a difference maker for their offense and gives them one of the best receiving cores in the NFL with Wayne, Nicks, and Hilton.

The rush defense of the Colts is average at best, but with intimidating Robert Mathis coming off of the edge they still scare some offenses. Now, the Colts have added another threat to the rushing attack and he is former Cleveland Browns linebacker D’Qwell Jackson. It is obvious the Colts decided to sign to help build a defense that struggled in 2013 stopping the run. In 2013, Jackson finished with a total of 141 tackles. He will provide the Colts with a much needed dominating presence at the linebacker position and will continue to rack up tackles.

Along with Jackson to assist the struggling run defense, the Colts also added former Baltimore Ravens defensive end Arthur Jones a perfect fit for the Colts’ 3-4 style defense they run. Jones’ combination of strength and size is exactly what the Colts will need in order to generate a more pass rush.

With these sorts of significant improvements the Colts will be stronger and tougher to beat this fall.

For a team who defeated Super Bowl champs Seattle Seahawks last season, they go into the 2014 season with high hopes. The sky is the limit for Indianapolis and don't be shocked if they win between 12 or more games and fight for a #1 seed in the playoffs.


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