Boulder, CO. - On Tuesday May 28th the  University of Colorado announced that after eight years Athletic Director Mike Bohn has resigned. His official last date of service is June 3, 2013.


Much speculation surrounds Bohn’s resignation. Was it voluntary or forced? Bohn’s legacy will be best known for his involvement and role in facilitating the conference move from the Big 12 to the Pac 12.

Perhaps the highlight of his tenure at Colorado. But in recent years Bohn has been criticized for his handling of the football program, amongst other things, specifically with the firing of previous head coach John Embree after only two years of a five year contract. (The coaching change was marred by ugliness with the accusations of racism). There is an unwritten rule that if there are three or more head coaching changes under the tenure of one athletic director then the role of the AD is to blame.  


While many were shocked that Bohn survived the hiring of three football coaches in eight years he will not keep his job long enough to see his latest hire, Mike MacIntyre, coach a single football game.


It should be noted that Bohn had been granted a 5-year contract extension two years ago that secured his position with the school until 2017 thus further fueling the speculation that Bohn was forced to resign.


Regardless of the reason or circumstances CU now finds itself appointing a search committee to conduct a national search for Bohn’s successor.


From CU Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano, “Mike Bohn led CU-Boulder athletics in a time of great transition and change. We are grateful to him for his vision, passion and commitment, and for his key role in revitalizing men’s and women’s basketball, helping us to join the Pac-12 Conference, and in taking important steps to upgrade athletic facilities at CU-Boulder. We wish him well.”