Detroit Lions' defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has undoubtedly become one of the most dominant lineman in the NFL since he was drafted with the second overall pick in 2010 NFL Draft. Since entering the league, Suh has anchored Detroit’s defensive line and has consistently been a dominant force. Despite his success on the field, Suh’s leadership skills have come into question periodically over the last couple seasons.

Lions' head coach Jim Schwartz, along with team captain Stephen Tulloch, recently addressed their opinions on the leadership skills and capabilities of Suh. The opinions of the two greatly differ. Schwartz was optimistic about Suh’s leadership skills, stating that he thought the lineman had “embraced” the opportunity to be a leader for this young and developing Lions defense. Tulloch, on the other hand, was a bit skeptical about Suh’s wherewithal to step up as a vocal leader.

When asked about his ability to become a leader, Suh answered quite honestly when he said, “Leadership is something that just comes along as it goes. You don’t want to force it. You don’t want to push yourself on being a leader because, usually, that becomes a rebellion-type thing. You let it come as it goes and just let it be natural. I definitely feel I’m a leader. I led a Nebraska team to some good games and some good championships. It’s been fun. I think I’ve had good work. My past has had some good leadership stuff.”

Suh feels fairly confident that when given the opportunity, he is more than capable of stepping up and becoming a team leader for Detroit. All he has to do now is back up his statement and show leadership on the field.