The 2015 NFL Draft is still ten months away assuming the 2015 NFL Draft is held in April rather than May.  The top senior quarterback prospect is Baylor Bears signal-caller Bryce Petty.

Most will agree that underclassmen Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston are the two best quarterback prospects eligible for the 2015 NFL Draft at this time.  Petty may be a senior, but he has the skill-set to adapt to any type of offense.  There are 4 types of offensive systems quarterbacks can play in.  The balanced offense focuses on using the running game to set up the passing game.  The West Coast offense uses short passing game to open up the medium and deep passing game.  The vertical offense relies on the deep passing game, and the shotgun spread offense is becoming more frequent with dual-threat quarterbacks in the NFL.

Petty can adapt to all 4 of these offenses.  Mariota is only good in a spread offense, yet he is the most consistent of the three quarterbacks and should have no problem adapting.  Winston lacks the self-control and discipline off-the-field that Petty displays.

Petty is Baylor's best quarterback prospect since Robert Griffin III.  Petty began his career as RGIII's backup back in 2011.  He threw 4,200 passing yards in 2013.  The only concern with Petty is his one year of experience.  What I saw on tape outweighed his one season of production.

I saw a quarterback that handed the ball of to Lache Seastruck showing ability to play in a Houston Texans run-first offense featuring Arian Foster.  If Jake Locker screws up, Petty has the understanding of a West Coast offense to put Locker in his place.  This is a quarterback with the arm strength to execute a vertical offense in Tampa Bay with big physical playmakers in the event that Josh McCown or Mike Glennon screws up.  He will be able to line up in a shotgun spread formation regardless of what team he goes to.

Petty made outstanding throws posting 36 passing touchdowns and 3 interceptions in 2013.  One thing I love about him is the ability to read the defense and make progressions as a pocket quarterback with outstanding composure.  Like Mr. T would say, "I Petty the fool who passes on Bryce Petty."

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