Bill Callahan, offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys is said to be nothing short of “excited” to be calling plays on the offensive side of the ball for the Cowboys this season. While Callahan hasn't called plays since 2003 when he was fired as Raiders head coach, prior to being fired his play calling lead the Raiders to a Superbowl where they lost to the man he had taken over for; Jon Gruden.  He spent a total of five years in Oakland as the primary play caller.  Callahan recently stated on the website "I'm really excited and anxious now."  I'm sure he'll settle in quickly, play calling is like riding a bike right?

After leading the Cowboys to two consecutive 8-8 seasons, Jason Garrett, head coach of the Dallas Cowboys has been rumored to be on the hot seat. This past off-season it's well known he was forced to relinquish his play-calling duties to Callahan, and Garrett will continue to take a lot of the heat. Ultimately, this could cost Garrett his job at the end of the 2013 NFL season depending on how the Cowboys play this year.

Garrett was initially unwilling to address the situation, but since has begrudgingly tried to sell that it was a "collective decision" to allow Callahan to run the offense, but nobody really buys that.  Owner Jerry Jones is rumored to have forced the change himself, and while he says he's no fan of having a "walk-around coach" on his staff, he's also no fan of paying guys not to coach, so if that means giving him one last year to right the ship under Jerry's tight supervision, with more time to manage the play clock and oversee the team, that's what Jerry will give him.  

According to Callahan, he has already implemented all possible game time situations on offense during the mini camps. Callahan and the offense have practiced two-minute drills, four-minute drills, and red-zone situations. Callahan also mentioned that the time he is able to spend with the offense is helping him, Tony Romo, and other offensive staff personnel, communicate more effectively.