The San Francisco 49ers continue to sign their 2013 draft picks, coming to terms with South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore on a four-year contract.

Lattimore, not expected to play in 2013 due to his continued recovery from a severe knee injury suffered his senior year in South Carolina.

According to SB Nation’s Griffin Gotta , the 49ers have kept Lattimore on a strictly limited workout regimen to rebuild strength in the knee. The Niners hope to have Lattimore ready in time for the 2014 season.

The one-time SEC Freshman of the Year’s, running ability and size make him a serious contender to eventually take the place of current feature back Frank Gore. Coincidentally, Gore suffered a similar injury his senior season at Miami and the Niners took a similar risk with him.  With Gore as a mentor and a year to learn the 49er offense, coach Jim Harbaugh and his staff have high hopes that Lattimore can help the Niners continue their excellence in the running game for the foreseeable future.

Specific money terms of the contract have not yet been disclosed on the 49ers team website.